Superfit Rings
Suitabel for engagement rings

How it works

Opening the custom fit ringTo open

Position the ring as shown.

Hold the Superfit stylus close to the tip and press straight down into the dimple.
When the latch pops up, pull the ring open.
(Do not pull back on the latch).


Securely closing the speciality shankTo close

Place the ring around the base of the finger. Press the ring top and bottom firmly together as shown until you hear a “click.” 

This is the “click of confidence” that tells you that your ring is securely closed.

Move the ring slightly back and forth while closing to keep skin clear of the mechanism.


easy removal of the Superfit hinged ringTo remove

Position your hand palm side up and turn the ring, until the dimple is centred.

Grasp the stylus close to the tip to avoid slipping before pressing the dimple.

Once the latch is up, open fully by pulling at the top or bottom half of the ring. (Do not pull back on the latch).



  • Always listen for the “click” when closing the Superfit ring. This will prevent accidental opening.

  • If the latch area appears loose, this is a sign that your ring requires adjustment. Have your jeweller adjust the spring tension.

  • If the click is absent, this may also be a warning sign. Continually wearing a ring in these circumstances will gradually reduce it's safety.

  • Do not pull at the latch. Before allowing anyone to handle your ring, make sure they understand that pulling at the latch will bend it out of shape.

Other useful information

  • If your Superfit stylus is unavailable, use a dull pointed object or ball point pen.

  • For those with impaired eyesight, your jeweller may darken the dimple to make it more visible.

  • For occasional cleaning, use a soft brush with liquid soap on the open mechanism – then rinse and dry. If the ring has been subjected to a build-up of oil and dust, it may be difficult to open. Run warm water over the ring to soften the build up.
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