Superfit Rings
Suitabel for engagement rings

Frequently asked questions

How much does Superfit cost?
Your local stockist can advise you of the cost of fitting a Superfit shank. The cost can vary depending on the type of ring and the metal you require.
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Which metals is Superfit available in?
Superfit is available in 18ct yellow and white gold and in platinum.


Will the ring accidentally open when I am wearing it?
No, the special mechanism ensures that the shank remains firmly closed. When closing the ring, listen out for the ‘click’ which assures you that the ring is properly closed.


Will I catch the latch on my clothes and nails?
No, the invisible latch is completely flush which ensures a snag free operation.


Is the mechanism visible?
No, the invisible mechanism means that only you will know that you are wearing a special Superfit ring. When you want to remove the ring you will see the small dimple which is depressed using the stylus to open.
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Can an old ring of mine be converted to Superfit?
Yes, most rings can be converted to Superfit, speak with your local stockist to check whether your ring is suitable for the Superfit shank.


I suffer from arthritis, would Superfit mean that I can wear my rings again?
Yes! Many people suffer from swollen knuckles due to arthritis or other reasons such as pregnancy or exercise. Superfit is designed especially to fit the base of your finger – not the knuckle which means that you can put your ring on with ease and be assured that it fits you correctly.

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